Which Glee character are you? (1)

Personality quiz on who you are and who you would most likely to be out of the Glee bunch, only three rules be yourself, be honest and HAVE FUN!

published on April 16, 201263 responses 9
Which Glee character are you? (1)
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What is your favourite colour?

Red, for the rugby team!
Green, for nature of coarse.
Pink! Best colour ever!

What do you look for in a woman?

I am too taken and gay but I would love someone who I would be in love that's all.
I am to taken and gay but I love to have someone to just be casual.
Hard to get and naughty with a sexy appearance.
There personality why is it all about looks, gotta admit though it is a bonus.
Someone who is kean and not afraid to be intimate.
Someone who is to accept me for who I am.

What is most important about someone?

What is most important about someone?
There personality.
What they think about me.
Accepting me for who I am.

Glee Club or Cheerleading?

Oviously Glee club!
Cheerleading we put in effort to our perfomance all 'Glee' club does is yelp like seals on stage.

What do you look for in a guy?
(Girls only question)

A guy who wants my baby.
I am 'lesbanese' plus Santana says I am band from all things with a beard.
Someone with a big future.
Someone rich and maybe even a wife.
I am looking for someone who I can be around and be myself.
Someone who's dad isn't in the mafia.

Are you in love?

Completely head over heels!
Of coarse, I love my girlfiend just as much as I love unicorns.
No. I don't have any luck, still waiting I guess.
I would say yes but it is complicated I am afraid.
Never! Love is for soppy losers aka the ''Glee'' club!
Yeah, it is awesome!

How good looking do you think you are? (out of 10)

About a six maybe.
Defiantly at least an eight!
I don't want to be big headed why does everything have to be about looks?
I'm a 9 but personality wise I am definitely a 10.
I'm gonna pass that question.

What's the most important thing in your life?

My girlfriend!
Love and unicorns!
My boyfriend!
Friends & Family!
Glee club.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Err.. no do you believe in unicorns, no offence Brittany.
What's that?
Absultly not I think that all people in love need to grow up!
No love at first sight is called desperate.
The person above me is miserable.
Definetly whoever doesn't, doesn't know the meaning of love.

Who is your favourite Glee character discluding yourself?

Not including me!? Of coarse Brittany then.
Puck, I think he is a strong character.
I am going to go with my head Unicorn and that's Santana.
Kurt he is who he is.
I'll have to go with Finn.
Not including me erm... hard question!