What monster are you? (2)

you get the hang of it just find out what monster is inside of you try this quiz and find out

published on November 14, 201427 responses 6
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do u like to be left alone?

yes my land is only for me
no no! i like to be with others
I can be with others if i want to

favorite color?

red like your blood
black like my dark soul
i like anything colors are fun

Are you vegan, a meat lover or veggie love?

yum yum yum meat
i can only eat veggies
veggies are love veggies are life

do you get distracted easily?

NO im like a oh pretty bird
i am always on task i get what i want
i can but its rare

how do you kill other living things?

i fly in and kill boom your dead
i have my slave kill them and bring them to me
i have sharp teeth hahaha

what do you consider yourself>

a freak of nature
an evil vampire
a weird person who likes food