Are You Mustard Or Ketchup

Are You Mustard Or Ketchup

Here is a quiz where you answer questions and at the end it tells you if you are more alike with mustard or ketchup...HAVE FUN!!!!

published on April 14, 201263 responses 16 4.2★ / 5

A bully steals your lunch, you would...

Let him take it
Go grab it back and run

If you were stranded on a desert, you would bring...

A person

Your friend dares you to prank call somebody when your mom said not to, you would...

Prank call them
Don't prank call them

It's your best friends birthday tomorrow and it's at a swimming place and you cant swim. You would...

Tell them you already have plans
Tell them you don't know how to swim

What do you like better, Cats Or Dogs?


What color do you like better?