Are You A Cake Or A Cookie

Are You A Cake Or A Cookie

Here is a quiz telling you at the end if you had to be a cake or cookie, what you would be.ENJOY!!!!!!

published on April 14, 201246 responses 20 4.3★ / 5

You have nothing to do on sunday, you would...

Read a book.
Go to a Baseball game.

What is your favorite flavor?


If someone was getting bullied, you would...

Go punch the bully in the face.
Ignore it and walk right past them.

What is your favorite topping on Ice Cream?

Gummy Worms

If there was a wallet on the sidewalk,you would...

Pick it up and put it in your pocket.
Turn it into the police.

You slip on a banana peel in lunch and everyone saw you, you would...

Join in with the laughter.
Hide your face and run away.