Are you Zack or Cody Martin?

Are you Zack or Cody Martin?

If you're a fan of suite life on deck then take this quiz and find out which one of the twins are you.

published on April 12, 201241 responses 9 4.0★ / 5

There's a cute girl on the sky deck and she's all alone, what do you do?

You don't do anything, you've got a girlfriend and you couldn't risk her finding out.
What's my girlfriends name again?

There's a school end of semester disco and you need a date what do you do?

Search and knock on all of the girls' room doors, see which are pretty and hope they say yes.
Woo them with science!

There's homework due in tomorrow and you haven't done it, what do you do?

Forget about it, there's detention for a reason.
Do it straight away, you've never missed piece of homework.

You get an email from your Mum saying we're visiting you next week, what do you do?

Reply back saying can't wait, love you Mummy, xxx.
Reply back saying great or just ignore it after all.

You go shopping as was told to get anything you like, what do you get?

A jet pack, flat screen TV, and a cute babe.
The new super dooper telescope!

The S.S Tipton docks of in New York, what do you plan on doing there?

Studying the biological gardens and the fifty storey libraries.
Chacking out the American girls!