What type of Weather are You?

What type of Weather are You?

According to your answers, we'll figure out if you're more like sunshine, snow, rain, of thunderstorm.

published on April 12, 201265 responses 10 4.5★ / 5

You usually walk into school like....

With a HUGE smile and a skip in your step
Perfectly stepping, left then right. Maybe fixing your hair in your pocket mirror
Shyly walk in with your favorite book by your side
Confidently strut in with a straight face

Your favorite outfit would be...

A pretty, colorful tank top, jean shorts, and cute sandals
A sun dress with lots of blue and silver
Jeans and T-Shirt
Usually something black or dark colored

You're really good at....

Making people happy
Taking care of yourself and being the most perfect as ever
getting good grades and reading
playing sports and helping an upset friend

You kind of stink at...

Being sad
Doing stuff for others
Making new friends
Looking on the bright side

If you had to get a dog, which one would you get?

A dog that I csan play outside with like a Golden Retriever
One that can fit in my ADORABLE purse! like a Toy Poodle.
A laid back dog, one that's not that active
A bulldog or mastiff, something tuff-looking