Lucys Quiz

Lucys Quiz

A quiz to find what your friends and family think of you as you take the quiz to find your personality x

published on April 11, 201223 responses 10 4.0★ / 5

when a phone rings do you... ?

Leave it for someone else
tell someone to get it
run and quickly answer it
ask if you should get it

Do you enjoy working with people?

only if im incharge

what enviroment do you like working in?

one person speaks at a time

What would you do if a friend was hurt?

Stay back and let teachers deal with it
Tell everyone to stay away
ask if shes ok and then start shouting to get a teacher
sit with her for comfort

if your lost do you..?

Keep trying to find where your going
ask someone nicely
say you know where your going
run up to people and make them tell you where to go