Do you want to find out what your friends think of you and how you act towards them? Well take this Quiz!! You might be wondering why people are mean to you and want to find out!! Are you bossy, shy or loyal? Are your friends scared of you or do you let them tell you what to do!! Find out now!!

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Your friend commands you to go and buy her a snack in the school tuck shop. You...

Give her a friendly shove "No way" You say "Go get it yourself"
Do what they say without question
"Fine!!" you say "but you have to give me some of it!!"

Your friend is really sick and she asks you to come and visit her, But the biggest aand you fav movie is coming out that same day. You...

Say, "um... my mum already planned somethig for me... maybe tomorrow?"
Your really sad you are going to miss the premiere but go to visit your friend any way
Say " Don't you know that movie is out today!!!?? mate, you picked the wrong time!"

Your friend says something mean to a girl in your class. You...

Say, "thats mean!" and go to comfort the girl
Laugh and add on to the joke
Giggle quietly but feel sorry for the girl inside

Your BFF is has just bought a hiddeous dress for her birthday and she thinks its wonderful. She asks what you think....

You Try to change the subject as soon as possible
You say, "huh. Your joking right?? I'ts gross!!"
You say, " it does'nt really suit you, lets try something else"

what do you look for in a person?

loyalty and honesty. they should trust me and i should be able to tell them anything!
sense of humour!!! and they have to buy me stuff!!
oh anything... but they have to take me seriously!