Which MLP Character are you? (4)

This mini quiz describes which My Little Pony character you are. This consists do Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Have fun my little ponies! -BlackFeather

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What's your favorite school subject?

I love all of them!
None of them. They don't include the amazing
study of fashion!
Don't know, don't love it, don't like it.
All of them! They're fun with my besties!
Gym is my favorite.
English, I love to read and write.

What's your favorite color?

Purple, a sunset purple.
Sapphire blue, simply dazzling.
Orange and red. Awesome!
PINK! Pink is so my fave!
The colors of my team uniform.
A nice pale blue or minty green.

What's your favorite thing to do in down time?

Study for tests, or practice my math. Or read
Harry Potter for the 800th time...
Study my fabrics and colors. Fashion awaits!
Work on the farm... Not much from my usual
Coloring, friend time, did I mention coloring?
Running around the neighborhood a few times
or something.
Drawing or curled up with my favorite book.

What's your go-to channel on the TV?

The news or Discovery Channel.
The runway projects or fashion shows.
TV? I'm out in the field!
Sponge bob and silly movies.
The Olympics, I wait four years to watch them!
The animal channel, Too Cute, so adorable!

What's your favorite animal?

Dragons or any mystical animal.
Poodles are so fashionable and trendy!
My dog helps me in the field every day!
My stuffed animals are MY pets!
Horses, or anything fast.
Bunnies, kittens, puppies, anything that's

What do you eat most of the time? What's your favorite food?

Lasagna is good, nothing specific.
Trendy foods that are popular on Instagram.
Meats are my favorite, and bring on the apple
Every food is delicious!
Anything that keeps my energy up.
Sweet potatoes, yummy stuff.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A huge awesome library.
A fashion show in Paris!
I'm fine with my place.
Olympics, that'd be awesome.
A petting zoo, with endless amounts of bunnies
and sheep.

What's your favorite flower?

Roses are so pretty!
Apples. No flowers. Apples.
All flowers are pretty!
Sunflowers are my favorite.
Tiger lily, they're pretty.

What do you typically wear?

A plaid short maybe with jeans. Not much
Designer jeans, a Hollister shirt, adorbs shoes,
a cute purse, and the makeup is endless...
Just jeans and a shirt.
Pink shirt, and flowery jeans...
Shorts, ponytail, and my team shirt.
A cute turtleneck and an ankle length skirt is

What do you do before bedtime?

Read a few chapters of my favorite book then
settle down.
Make sure my hair us brushed and in a bun,
wash off my makeup, put on my face mask,
Brush teeth and get in bed.
Practice my blanket burrito techniques.
Shower, you've been running around all day.
Brush my teeth and relax. Teddy needs to be
there too.