Which my little pony character are you? (3)

Find out which little pony you are, the options are Fluttershy Pinky Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity Apple Jack Twilight

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If you see a lonely pony what would you do to help?

Scoot down over and invite to the group
Race over and become friends instintly
Inspect style and invite to go shopping
Ask her/him to see your latest magic tricks
Stay quiet until she/he has something
interesting to share
Just become friends like that

What colors do you like best?

All of the colors!
Pink, pink and...PINK!
Hmm... Sparkles
Red apple
Yellow and pink
Purple and pink

What kind of super power would you want?

Telaporting (from one party to another)
Able to read speedy fast
Able to talk to animals
Able to win anything with speed and strength
Able to bake anything as easy as pie!
Able to glitterfy ANYTHING!

What trait describes you most

Shy and kind
Perky and hyper
... Sparkles and shopping!
Friendly and fun
Intelligent and believing

What style describes you most?

Flower themes
Cowgirl look
Anything with Many bright colors
Darker colors
Party and pink
Chic and sparkley

Which word do you say most?

"I can too do that!"
"leave me alone spike!"
"i cant i have to study!"
"i am making apple pie!"
"who wants to party?!"
"it is too dangerous!"

What do you think of Spike?

He is annoying
He is so cute!
He is Obsessed!
He is okay.
He reminds me of granny smith!
He doesnt party right!

How do you feel about Derpy?

She is so... DERPY! Ugh!
She... Is ... A bit clumsy
She is who she is!
Dont really know her enough
She is a Rotton apple! Hehe

What is your favorite?

A cloud, rainbow & lightening bolt

What job would u want

A baker
A magician
A party caterer
An olimpic
A clothes designer
A vet