WWFFY- Part 1

SO lets do a little of roleplay because this girl is like sooo freaking bored! ok so i will see what i can think of that can get you out of your boredom!

published on November 08, 201497 responses 35
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Your sitting on the couch, watching TV. You get hungry and decide to get up and grab a snack. When you come back into the living room, you see something glowing outside. You go outside and you see the light is yellow. You see it getting bigger and bigger.

Woah ...
Da fuc is that?
What is that light?

Then all of a sudden you get sucked in soo quick it's like if Sonic grabbed you and tossed you in there. Then you end up in a small town, you see a big house.You run to it and knock on the door.

Where the heck am I?
Help! I'm stuck in a shitee town!
What just happened?

You hear voices inside, you knock harder. You yell "Hello anyone there?" I hear you!"

Oh mah gawd!
Open the freaking door already! are you people deaf!?
I wanna go home!

Nobody answers the door, you decide to sit out on the persons front porch. "Ugh now what do I do?" You sit outside cold and lost, wondering what to do.

ugh stupid deaf people.

You decide to try knocking again, this time someone FINALLY answered.

Finally! What took you fuking people so fuking long!?