Which Vocaloid are you? (1)

Which Vocaloid are you? (1)

Do you like Vocaloid? If you do then take this quiz to find out which Vocaloid you are! Please enjoy! :)

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What do you like to do during your free time?

Sing,dance,perform on stage- anything like that.
Draw, arts and crafts and design things.
Run, play sports or anything where I can be active!
Play video games, watch tv, or go on the internet
Shop, try on clothing, do my hair and nails.

What's your favorite color out of these choices? XD

Blue or purple
Pink or black
Orange or red
Yellow or white
Green or gray

Pick a food :D


Which word out of these is one word that describes you?

Happy and outgoing
Hyper (or energetic and active)
Excited and friendly

What is your gender? XD Please pick one :D

Female :)
Boy/guy -_-
female ;)

I couldn't think of anymore question so last one! Did you have fun?

Yeah! it was fun! :D
Yes I did :)
yeah I guess/ kinda -_-
yeah! ;)

OKAY last question- What job would you like other than a singer?

WHAT?!? no singing? hmm... maybe an actress or dancer!
nurse, teacher, doctor or a writer :)
Professional athlete, racecar driver- stuff like that!
video game designer/ video game tester or anything like that :/
photographer, fashion designer, or a model :D

OKAY okay this is the LAST question- favorite type of weather? ( hee hee hee xD)

Sunny and hot!
warm and sunny
rainy, sunny, cloudy- I like any kind of weather! :D
I don't really care any weather is fine with me