Cat quiz part 3 home

Cat quiz part 3 home

You took part 1, you took part 2, Blaze and you have decided to move, your going to have a home!

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Blaze walks up to you and tells you that the alleyways you live in are bare, the rats are gone, and they can't live of trash, and that they have to move, what do you do?

What? No! We've always been here! We can't just move!
*sigh* ok, but it's going to be difficult to find a place with enough food to sustain our
Ok! I love a good challenge!
Ok, as long as it's cushy!
Fine, but it has to have prey!

You begin the journey, but it's getting dark, there's a sleeping monster on the other side, and your tired, what do you do?

Keep going!
Investigate the monster
Sneak in a twoleg yard
Find a bush to sleep under
Sleep on the spot

Blaze nudges you awake, they point to a dog, it's sleeping, but it could wake, what do you do?

Run up and tapdance on the dog! Blaze: *smacks muzzle*
Slowly back away
Go back to sleep
Sneak into the undergrowth

You get away, but your hungry, Blaze stepped on a thorn, what do you do?

Screw Blaze! I'm hungry!
Yank the thorn out
Find some herbs for him
Go to sleep
Hunt and then help Blaze

Blaze and you look out across the horizon, your almost there!

So quick?
*wakes up* wat?
Let's go!

You get attacked by a rogue! It bites your leg while it's freind attacks Blaze, what do you do?

Fight back!
Help Blaze!
Run away!
Kick it repeatedly!
Throw sand in its eyes!

The rogues go away, and you see it, your new home!

Yes!!! Finally!!!
Let's establish our territory!
I'll go sleep now.