Which colour are you

I know, I know I make a lot of this shit, colours, I see the fans always have loved the colours. So for the 3rd time with these amazing colours, here is your quiz!

published on December 10, 201416 responses 5

Are you easily tempted to get pissed at youreslf?

Always. I piss myself off quite often.
Not always, but I can sometimes.
I'm usually happy with myself.
I find myself hiding it from others.

can you get sad or emotionally hurt easily?

I keep myself locked in, then I let it out.
I'm a sadder and emotion typed person.
I keep myself happy and cool about it.

Are you cautious about life?

Always looking out after things.
I might not care about somethings and take it for granite.
I don't find it too amusing.
The world is a beautiful place.

Do you feel mixed or two-sided about life a lot? (Kind Of Pessimist or Optimist Type)

I feel that way a lot.
I'm not that kind of way.
Be happy.
I see more of the worse side.

Do you always give it your best?

Never die easy asshole.
Go for it people, don't get yourself in danger though.
I can give up easily then come back to trying.
Depends on what it is for.

Has your life been rough?

It has been a little rough.
Much has happened, not everything has been happy.
It has been quite fun.
Bright and nice.
Interestingly mixed with fun and a few unhappy moments.