What k-pop music should you listen to this summer?

What k-pop music should you listen to this summer?

Having difficulties deciding what K-pop you should listen too ? Click here to find out which K-pop music you should listen to this summer.

published on July 15, 20158 responses 4
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What would you do during your summer?

Party everyday!!!
Concerts !!!
Hanging out with friends.
Stay home
Find love
Hanging out with your BF/GF
Experience new things
Go everywhere in your country.
Find out what life is like.

What are your hobbies during summer ?

Video tape.
Go to the Club
Hang out with your best friends.
Stay in summer school
Stay outside all day.
Go to the fair.
Go swimming.
Look for cute people.
Stalk your crush .
Hang out with your crush.

Where would you going durning summer

Jejul island
Seoul, Korea
Summer school.
New York
The city fair
Hang out at school
Stay home
The beach

what is your summer color?

Baby Blue
Ocean blue
Hot pink
White cream
Sunset Yellow
Aqua blue

What is summer?

Summer is where you party all day with your best friends.
summer is where you rock out to music all day.
Summer is where you travel to places you've never been to before.
Summer is where you spend it in school.
Summer is where you spend all day outside.
Summer is where you find love.
Summer is where you go swimming everyday.
Summer is where you confess your self to love
Summer is where you stalk your crush.
Summer is where everything changes.

What do you wear during the summer?

Anything that is comfortable.
Black jeans and layers of clothes.
Your bikini top and shorts.
Shorts and a long sleeve shirt.
Colorful jeans and a tank top.
A dress or suite.
You bikini
Shorts and a cute/ cool top
Skirt and cute top
Casual clothes