What character from 'Into the Woods' are you?

Red Riding Hood? Cinderella? The baker or maybe his wife? Jack? Or maybe the witch?

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If your worst enemy asked for help, what would you say?

Of course! But we must call emergency services.
This doesn't make us friends.
I don't HAVE enemies!
No. No. No. No. No.
It depends what mood I'm in and what they need help with.
TBH I'm not good at these situations; ask someone else.

It's time to watch a movie! What do you pick?

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter; an amazing series of films!
I'm not into movies; I'd clean the house or read a book or text someone.
A true-story movie. Katy Perry, 1D, Justin Bieber all those movies are PERFECT!
Some really girly chic flick for me please!
A psychological drama that I could try and figure out myself.
A horror! I can brag to all my mates I've seen a real over 18 movie!

What celebrity do you just HATE?

Kanye West, he hated on Taylor!
I don't hate celeb's; I hate my family.
Rebecca Black, you just can't sing, OK?
Nicki Minaj, she's SO fake!
Miley Cyrus, I mean, what kind of a role-model is that?

Your on a team to go on a scavenger hunt! How do you react?

Do I know them?
I'll let everyone else do all the work.
They'll all be thrilled to have me as a partner!
Oh no! Nothing will be done good, I'll sneak off and do it all myself.
Meh, I don't go for all these stupid hunts and things.
Let's all pitch in together and discuss the best idea.

Pick something to wear:

A big fancy dress.
Jeans and a shirt. No fussing.
Oh I wish I had a choice of what I wore!
Anything we can afford will do me.
I make sure my family is provided for before I do anything for myself.
Red is the bestest thing EVER! I will wear anything as long as it is red.

Who do you want to be?

Red Riding Hood
The Baker
The Baker's Wife
The Witch