Which 'Finding Nemo' Character Are You?

Which 'Finding Nemo' Character Are You?

Finding Nemo is a timeless animated classic, with loads of awesome characters! Which one are you most like? There's nothing fishy about this quiz!

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Who would you be in this scenario?
Person A tells Person B not to enter a race because they can't run fast and they don't want Person B to be sad or disappointed when they lose. Person B enters anyway, and actually does fairly well.

Person A
Person B

Gossip! Oh la la! Do you listen?

Yes, but only if it's real gossip. Not rumors.
Yes, but no one knows because I'm eavesdropping ;)

What is your ideal home?

A safe house with locks of all the doors and windows so no one can get in.
Anywhere other than where I currently live
In a dangerous neighbourhood
Somewhere far away from civilisation
In a house I would share with my best friends
Near a library or park
In a city with a low crime rate and sensible house prices
A big eccentric mansion
A modest house in a small, friendly community
Um... I really don't know

What's your favourite stroke/water activity?

Underwater somersaults / backflips
I like the water but don't really swim.
Seeing how long I can hold my breath under water
I just try to stay afloat
Underwater aerobics
I don't swim.

Someone you love has died. How do you initially react?

I hide my emotions and make sure everyone else is alright
With anger, lashing at at people who condescendingly think they understand
Denial, I refuse to believe it until I've seen for myself
Seek help from my closest friend
I try to remember everything I can about them because I don't want to forget
Stand frozen in shock
I start blaming people
I don't know what to do
I can't stop crying
Run away, I want to be alone

Oh no! You've dropped a marshmallow on the ground! What's your policy?

The two second rule
The five second rule
Eat it unless it lands in something wet or sticky
I'd eat it, but I wouldn't advise someone else to
It depends on how hungry I am
Eat it no matter what
Pick it up and put it in the bin
Do something else and forget I ever had one
I shouldn't be eating marshmallows anyway
Arrghh! No way! Do you know how many GERMS are on the ground? I'm not touching

You're playing poker and get a .... The best hand you can get when playing poker. (I don't play much poker). How's your poker face?

Great - no one has any idea how much they're about to lose
Bad - everyone can read my emotions as if they were written on my face

Which of the following do you find most difficult?

Talking about clothes
Sitting still
Not correcting someone when they're wrong
Not crying in sad movies
Sharing your feelings
Making up your mind
Sticking to your goals
Doing what you're told
Seeing a loved one take a risk

Would you rather:

Invite a stranger to a party
Ask a stranger for directions

What best describes you?


You are going to rob a bank. Who are you?

The planner of the operation
I create the crazy diversion, then disappear
The one that goes in and does the actual stealing
I go in after them when things get hairy
The caterer. What? You can't rob banks on an empty stomach.
The one who accidentally makes everything go wrong
The escape artist
The guy who's chilled at the time, but then breaks down and goes to the authorities afterwords.
The scout
I spend the whole time worrying that it will never work

What is stupider?

Not knowing that 2 x 5 = 10
Sharing food with a sick person

What role are you in your friendship group?

The Leader
The Smart One
The 'Mother'
The 'Baby'
The Muscle
The Favourite
The Emotional Drama Queen
The Only Sane One
The Shy-At-First-Then-Crazy-When-You-Get-To-Know-Me One
The Drifter