My First Sonic Wwffy Part 6

My First Sonic Wwffy Part 6

Sorry no epic fighting scene yet but you'll finally see why you N.e.V.e.R take off my headphones. Tell me how I can make my quizzes even better, by the way there might be delays due to my schedule of Teakwondo and School ( :( ).So please Hope you Enjoy and Don't hate.

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Time for you to see what happens at last. Hope you enjoy and make sure to tell me how I can make my wwffys even better. After I'm ready I'll post the next part of my story since you know now.

Finally (Your really that excited?)
Time to see what happens
This is going to suck
Hope I don't die

(back to where we were at) Aqua: Now! You hid under the hanging bed behind Aqua. Soon she starts looking as if in pain and goes to her knees shaking. You: Aqua? Aqua: Grrr! She started growing in muscle and her hair started to grow wild. She grew sharp claws and sharp teeth that look like she had turn into a monster. Aqua?: Howwo! (*cough* werehog*cough*)

*silent* (behold my fav form of Sonic)

This new form of Aqua bust opens the cell and starts run down the hallway. *Back with the Guy* Sonic: This is all my fault, I should have tried to stop him (Hears howling) or else this this would not have happen. Silver: What matter now is we save ___ and calm down Aqua. Shadow: Can't believe I'm saying this but Silvers right.

I agree with Silver
Sonic it's not your fault
If shadow agrees, I agree
We must concentrate on the mission at hand

*Sonic presses button on watch* Sonic: You read Tails? Tails: Loud and Clear Sonic! Silver: Please tell us you found her headphones, I don't want to fight her again. Tails: No, sorry guys. Shadow: Why did she have to lose her headphones today! She's putting ___ at risk! Tails: Maybe if you try and knock Aqua out then you could chaos control ___ out of there to safety. Sonic: Than-ks tails.Tails: No problem Bye, roger out. *turns off*

Yay, Shadow will hold me bridal style!
Why don't I just run out
I want to help
Find me please (>:) )

*back to you* (You sneak around following behind Aqua till she stops) Eggman: So you did transform well try and hit my face if you dare. Aqua: Awoo! *Get's hit by somthing (spelling wrong for thee to say it) too fast to see* Eggman: Guess your to slow!

He's mean
That's my line! Sonic: No that's my line!
That's low, even for Eggman
at least he makes a smart taunt... for once

?: Ha isn't that Sonic's line? Eggman: What? Who said that? You look around then look at Aqua who was smirking showing her new sharp teeth. She soon comes to her feet, Eggmans smile turned into a frightened frown. ?: Do you think i'll let history happen all over again. Eggman: How?

Ooh, he's in for it now!
Someone grab the popcorn, were watching night of the werehog
I want to fight (Not now but soon)
She's back but how?

You: Aqua your acting normal again! Aqua: ___? Sonic: ___, Aqua where are you? You: Hey Sonic! Sonic: ___, Aqua? Eggman: Oh, no. Shadow: It get's worse *Silver and Shadow appear* You: It looks like your out number and over powered, you should give up. Eggman: Not for long you brat*Presses Button*

What's happening?
What is it?
Bring it on (ok)
It's no use hiding (just had to say it :3 )

*A metal version of Sonic appears including some badniks* Everyone except you: Metal! Eggman: ___ Meet Metal Sonic, go welcome __ Metal Sonic *metal spin dashes you hard* Eggman: Anyone else? Sonic: Your going to pay for that! *Sonic spindashes Metal throwing him back* Sonic: You alright, he hit you pretty bad.

Nothing I can't handle
He's going to get the beating of his life for this humiliation (0___0)
I'm fine, let's take him down
No need to worry, let's go take down Metal

Sonic: Ready for your test? You: Yeah! Sonic: Then let's do it, to it. Cliffhanger muahhahaha! Trying to get quizzes back in schedule. Next Time you fight metal with Sonic, Silver, Shadow and Yours truly.

Yes, I'll be fighting for once in this quiz (There will be more battles waiting)
Fighting by the Ultimate lifeform, interesting.
What about Tails?
Time to save today and tommorow