What group would you be in at my school?

What group would you be in at my school?

Heehee, I got bored so I decided to make this quiz. So, what group would you be in?

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Whats the best compliment you have recived?

People say i'm fit and active!
That they wish they could be me
That Im funny and bubbly!
That i'm smart
I don't get many compliments, but when I do they are all diffrent
That I look beautiful!

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Anything healthy
Anything sour or bitter
Anything sweet and tasty
I can't live off one meal! Its un-natrual!
Ohhhh....thats hard, I love all food! :D
I don't care, anything as long as its good for my looks

Ugly and live forever? Or beautiful and die in a year?

The second one, I can't die because i'm so healthy!
I don't care, I wouldn't mind any of them
Haha, the second one! YOLO!!!!
I want to live! The 1st one!
I don't really care much for my looks, so the first one.
The 1st one, my looks are my everything!

How do you start a convosation?

"Hey, whats your favourite sport?"
"Don't talk to me"
"What do you get if you cross a tiger and a shark?...As far away as possible!!!"
"Whats your favourite class in school?"
"Hey, i'm boreeeeeeeeeeeed"
"Does my hair look okay today?"

What kind of music do you love?

Other, or all!

What is your favourite word out of the following???