shy, silly, nice, mean or all

hello guys i know its weird that a wolf is making a quiz but i thought i should make this

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hai mr nyan catty
hai der
hello! wanna be my friend?

what is your fave couler?

anything dark to hide me
rainbowz and sparklez and nyan cats and blegasemahh *drooling*
i like all bright coulers, thank you for asking

fave animal?

teh waffle monster
cats they remind me of the internet
i like dogs, rabbits and birds

do you like drawing?

i suppose...
nope the paper is not wainbow and i have no rainbow coulered paint D:
yes i love drawing waffles!
yes, i like to let my creativity be free

this is the end of the quiz :P

*rides off into the sunset on a nyan cat* so long my friend!
bie buddy bud