Which March sister are you?

Which March sister are you?

Obviously, this is a girls' quiz.^^ Meg, Jo, Beth, or Amy? Which Little Women character are you most like? Enjoy!

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Hi, nice to meet you.

Hello, what a fair day it is.
Hi, nice to meet you too.

So, how do you see yourself?

A leader.
A musician.
A human being.
An artist.

How do others see you?

Pretty but proud.
Sweet but strange.
Funny but freaky.
Understanding but unnoticeable.

Your best friend/boyfriend dumps you because they think you've said something behind their back/cheated on them. You might have, a little bit. What do you do?

Say, "No! I didn't! Of course not, I swear!"
Say, "Why would I? I didn't."
Say, "You're wrong. I'm... less wrong..."
Pretend you didn't hear them.
Tell them, "Maybe I did a little bit, but it doesn't matter!"
Say, "All right, fine, I did, a bit, but still..."
Say, "Fine, I did, so what? You're a lousy friend."
Confess and beg for forgiveness.

You prefer...

The shadows.
The spotlight.

Your prsonality leans toward...

Yin, or moonlike.
Yang, or sunlike.

Thanks for taking the survey!

Oh, it was my pleasure.
...oh, okay...
What survey?!
Hmm. Um, you're welcome.

Oh, I forgot something!

Did you?
Shall I fetch it for you?
I will wait while you get it.

If you were an element you would be...


That's it! Goodbye! Thank you! ^^

Goodbye, you are wlecome!
Bye, guys.
Goodbye. No need to thank me.