Which Cat in the "Three" Would You be?

Which Cat in the "Three" Would You be?

Uhhh i don't think any other person did this quiz so yay i am unique!so yea find out who you are in the power of three

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Wich of these do you like best?

Peace, love, and mockingjays
Rules guide you through everything
Stand tall and push aside your worries
Everything will be fine

Do you like pictures?

No, because I can never SEE them.
Does my hair look good?
Take it now though i probably have a thousand burrs in my fur.
Take a pic of me pouncing and take a pic of this and take a pic of that!

You sometimes...

Say things and no one ever understands
Have your instinct over come you and you start a fight.
Get stuck in situations you need help getting out of.
Need to break the rules and cringe at every step.

Chicken wing chicken wing hot dog and bologna chicken and macoroni chilin with my homies!

Let's not get of topic here!
Stop goofin around and get back to work before we are caught!
You dance to it.

What is your favorite animal?

Kits they don't treat me different
Dove [abvious]


What?!? If you just made a little sense I might have been able to answer the question!
It's nice to laugh at things sometimes
Huh what did you say?
You box my ears.

Which one of these might describe you?

You are glad to be praised but not because you are different but because you did something great.
You need to listen closely and follow each instruction the way they say I should. Following the rules means life.
You are proud and brave and have lots of followers [and i am not talking about qfeast] many people are either jealous or have you as their idol. But you sometimes only wish to be normal.
I do'nt want to be different! I just want a normal life like everyone else where they understand me and where I can actually share my problems.
None of these.

Your favorite color is...

Sunset colors
Forest colors
Mood colors
Cool colors
soothing colors

What is your favorite word out of these?