Pony Love-O-Meter Quiz

Pony Love-O-Meter Quiz

Sure,you have an interest in horses if your reading this quiz.But are you a casual fan of these four-legged animals, or are you a diehard horse lover? Take this quiz and find out!

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Many people are frightened of horses because of their large size,are you?

A.No way.A horse is just a big teddy bear!
B.Not if there's a fence between us.A big,tall
C.I prefer animals that are smaller than me.

Your best friend calls you to go to the mall on Saturday, but there's a big horse show that day.What do you do?

A.Tell your friend you'll have to take a rain check.You already have big plans to show your prize horse!
B.See if your BFF wants to go to the horse show with you.It's really cool to see the animals up close.
C.Head to the mall with your BFF.There'll be other horse shows to attend.

Horses require a lot of care and attention. Are you willing to spend hours grooming and feeding your horse,taking it out for exercise, and cleaning up the stable?

A.Yes,absolutely!No question about it.
B.Well,not exactly hours....
C.Um,did you say cleaning?

One thing you always wanted to do when you get older is:

A.Own a horse farm
B.Be a veterinarian
C.Be a teacher

Your favorite attraction at the local petting zoo is:

A.The horses, of course
B.The goats
C.You don't really like petting zoos

To you taking part in a horse show is:

A.Something you've always dreamed about.
B.Not quite your cup of tea.You'd rather watch the show.
C.What exactly is a horse show?

Your school notebook is covered in doodles of:

A.horses,horses and more horses
B.hearts,stars and other fun shapes
C.your pet cat or dog

To you mucking out is:

A.hard work but totally worth it!
B.Something you'd rather not do.
C.I'm not quite sure what that is

For you the best feeling in the world would come after:

A.you and your horse just won first prize in a horse show.
B.you and your BFF made up after a nasty fight.
C.you aced a difficult test.

Your favorite books are:

A.Black Beauty and Misty
B.The Lady Grace Mysteries
C.Harry Potter