what evil anime character are you?

ever watched an anime and wondered which one was like you? well, heres your chance to find out.

published on April 04, 2012159 responses 28
what evil anime character are you?
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what is your favourite colour

white to hide my dark demons
i dont care about such things
red.....red.....red...just like her
im too busy plotting world domination

if you saw someone getting robbed, what would you do?

go to help
its not my problem
these things happen everyday, they just pulled the short straw
ive got other things on my mind

whats your favourite song/band/singers out of the following?

lacie's melody...............
you're goin down, by sick puppies
tick tock

what would be the ideal person for you to fall in love with?

someone who will stand by my ideals no matter what
someone who doesn't know about my dark side so i dont have to see how they'd react
someone who knows the real me and doesnt care, who is crazier than i am
someone who seems to shine with innocence and happiness, who will always be sunny enough for both of us

if you could be anything you wanted, what would you be?

a god
an emperor
ruler of the criminal underworld