Which Naruto character are you from squad 7?

Which Naruto character are you from squad 7?

Hey, and welcome to my quiz, even if you don't know anything about Naruto you can still do this quiz!

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If your comrade had serious wounds would you...

... heal them.
... leave them and sort them out
after the battle.
... Use your best jutsu on the enemy fast then go to help them.
Or tell your squad to run away with your comrade and you will continue with the battle.

You have got back to your village and healed your comrade, all your tummy's rumble what do you go eat?

Go to a five star fancy food place.
Starve and go back to your training.

The next day you are told to go on a c-ranked mission from your leader do you...

...do as your told and go by yourself.
...Get your comrades and tell them to come with you.
Or complain and ask for a higher ranked mission.

You have completed your mission and go to the lake for some peace time, suddenly you are ambushed do you...

...Scream for help.
...Fight them off.
Or run off.

The next day you are told to meet up with your squad, when you get there you are given a choice either to go and stop a deadly enemy,rescue a cat from a tree,destroy an enemy base or help Jiriya do his research. what do you do?

Rescue the cat.
Stop a deadly enemy.
Help Jiriya do his research.
Destroy an enemy base.