Your Personality

Your Personality

All about your very own personality!!!!!!!!!! :) and what your personality is all about.

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Are you a good friend?

1. yes
2. sometimes
3. i dont know

are you a party type person?

1. yes, i love to party and shake my booty.
2. sometimes, i like to have a LITTLE fun
3. no, i am a very calm person.
4. no, im nnot allowed to party.

do you find anything that someone says funy or disgusting or just plain stupid?

1. yes, i think everything sounds bad.
2. yes, i think everything sounds stupid.
3. no, i dont think that anything sounds bad.
4. no, i dont think that anything sounds smartciles.

do u like you sibilings?

1. i like to be very safe with my sibilings.
2. i like to play VERY ROUGH with them.
3. I like to be there for them.
4. WAIT... i have sibilings???? i thought they were my waiters.

When you get asked "Do you wanna play with my basketball think of?

1. EWWWW what kinda pervert are you?!?!?!?!?!?!
2. No Im not very sporty.
3. yeah do i get to hit someone with it?
4. Yeah sure, why not.