Your Personality

Your Personality

All about your very own personality!!!!!!!!!! :) and what your personality is all about.

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When you get asked "Do you wanna play with my basketball think of?

1. EWWWW what kinda pervert are you?!?!?!?!?!?!
2. No Im not very sporty.
3. yeah do i get to hit someone with it?
4. Yeah sure, why not.

are you a party type person?

1. yes, i love to party and shake my booty.
2. sometimes, i like to have a LITTLE fun
3. no, i am a very calm person.
4. no, im nnot allowed to party.

do you find anything that someone says funy or disgusting or just plain stupid?

1. yes, i think everything sounds bad.
2. yes, i think everything sounds stupid.
3. no, i dont think that anything sounds bad.
4. no, i dont think that anything sounds smartciles.

do u like you sibilings?

1. i like to be very safe with my sibilings.
2. i like to play VERY ROUGH with them.
3. I like to be there for them.
4. WAIT... i have sibilings???? i thought they were my waiters.

Are you a good friend?

1. yes
2. sometimes
3. i dont know