What kind of MakeUp product are you?

What kind of MakeUp product are you?

This is mainly just for girls, but I guess guys can do it too! It basically tells you what kind of makeup product your more likely to be.

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For starters, do you like makeup?

Erm ... it's alright, though I only wear it when it's a special occasion or if I feel like I need to.
It's alright, though I only wear it because I feel as if I HAVE to or I'll feel weird or "exposed" if I didn't wear any.
I can't answer that really, like I wear the tiniest amounts, maybe a bit or eyeliner or so, but that's it.
No, I hate that stuff - no way am I putting all that gooey cr@p on my face!
Yes!!! I automatically put it on every morning - I can't control it :(
I don't know, I mean if I did put some on, it just wouldn't look good because I suck at applying it.

If you HAD to wear one - what would it be?

Cherry Gloss
Black Eyeliner
Lip Balm
Lip Liner

How long does it take you to do your makeup?

Dunno - I don't time myself :P
2-3 mins
Not long at all, because I don't use much makeup.
I don't even wear any :/
Ages ...
Well, I dunno 6 mins? It always has to look p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

How often do you have "good skin days" where your skin looks flawless and looks more healthier then other days?

I have "good skin days" EVERY day :P
I get them sometimes
I rarely have "good skin days"
I always have "good skin days", because I don't wear any makeup!
Well - it doesn't matter if you have them or not, cuz you can easily have flawless skin thanks to foundation :)
I can't tell if I have a "good skin day" or not :/

How much money do you spend on makeup?

I spend $20.00 on makeup, then I try to keep the same makeup for a year or so, that way it saves money :)
Well, If it's a good product, and a bargain, i'll get it!
Not much, since I don't USE much
None at all (because I don't use any)
Alot of money :/
*Bites lip* I don't really focus on how much money I use on makeup

How long does it take you to take your makeup off?

Not long, because I'm super-speedy!
Average time (2-3 mins)
All it takes is a few swipes of the tissue and it's off!
I don't wear any, so I don't take any off
A long time I'd say!
5 mins

Do you watch makeup tutorials?

Nah, I like doing it my own way
Yah, though I watch in facsination, cuz I would never be able to do what they do.
Nope, cuz 1) they have different products so it may not work for me and 2) they do it so professionally that I would never get it right!
Noo - waste of my time
Yeesssssss! I follow every step :)
Yes, Just for fun, I only watch though.

Which shoes would go better with a black smokey-eye?

Black Kitten Heels
Combat shoes :)
Are you asking me for fashion advice? Wrong person to ask :P
Some nice canvas shoes would do :)

What's the worse makeup mistake?

Red lipstick on eyelid!!!
Foundation on lips
Mascara on cheeks
Big, Bold, Eyeliner (think Taylor Momsen)
No makeup would be a makeup mistake!
I can't choose!

Guess my name :P