Sonic Personality Quiz V.01

Sonic Personality Quiz V.01

Which Sonic character are you? Find out by taking this Personality Quiz!

published on July 25, 201089 responses 12 3.9★ / 5

If you saw a big metal capsule in front of you, what would you do?

Jump on it, smash it, and free the animals trapped inside.
Try and break into it, and then figure out a way to deactivate it.
Keep punching it until it blows up, but stand back!
Leave it, and continue what you're doing.

If you saw a metallic version of yourself, what would you do?

Race around it until its confused, then attack!
Attack it, then deactivate it.
Smash it to bits!
Take it with you and power it up with your computer.

If you had all seven Chaos Emeralds, what would you do with them?

Use their power to turn Super!
Store them in a safe place so they won't be stolen again.
Take them to Angel Island with you.
Take them with you to your base so you can do what you want with them!