What Clique Do you Belong In?

What Clique Do you Belong In?

Let's test your knowledge and find out what clique you would be best to fit in!

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What movie would you like to be in?

The Clique
Another Cinderella Story

What type of boy would you like to date?

A boy who is nice and sincere. He
doesn't worry about people and he
loves to do stuff with you.
A bad boy with a soft and sweet
inside. Hawt!

You got a major oppurtunitiy to be famous! AWESOME. But there is someone in your way. How would you get rid of them to get to the gold?

Destroy them, unless they are family
and friends.
Let the person down softly. Tell
them why I have to do what I have
to do. And hope they won't be to
upset about it.

Would you rather be #1 in a standing ovation for a week or be #3 in a standing ovation for the rest of your life?

It's kinda hard to pick, but I would
rather be #3
#1, duhhh

If you could pick 1 person to live with for the rest of your life, who would it be?

My best friend. Nothing gets in
between us.
My boyfriend. A lot of FUN things
would be happening...

What would you rather be. A model or a Singer?

MODEL all the way.
A singer. You would make a ton of

What colour best describes you?

Red. I'm fierce and wild. Every thing
about me is fun.
Purple. I'm royal and special. Fun
sometimes also.

FINALLY THE LAST QUESTION! What are your favourite colors?

Pink, Purple, and Blue. I can be a
girly-girl, But I like it that way! :)
Blue, Red and Purple. I'm Mild. I'm
everything. :)