what character suits you best, is it greedy sam, computer genius freddy, artist spencer, top-off gibby or even carly herself

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are you crazy

i dunno
nerd crazy

are you shy

not really
yes, a bit
not one bit
just give me some food
not if it has to do with my work

what would you like to do for the web show

be the presenter
be the presenter no. 2
be the technician
be the artist for the show
be the assistant to do crazy stuff

what is your hobby

reading and studying
play on the computer and other gadgets

if you could paint on gibbys back what will you paint

a clown
a meatball
my ipod
a random colourful invention

if someone told you to do something what would you do.

depends on what it is
do it cause you're scared
take your top off and dance
run away
kick them in their face

what would you do if someone was bullying you

ignore them
cry and run away
run away and tell
smile at them because you're dumb
kick their face in

what would you do if there was a fight

shout at it to stop it
join in
cheer them on
run away