you and your crush are perfect match?????

you and your crush are perfect match?????

this quiz is 100% true. its a fun quiz and works so if you have a crush you need to take this quiz.

published on March 28, 2012123 responses 17 4.3★ / 5

favourite animal

lions and tigers
dogs and cats
monkeys and apes
i hate animals

favourite colour

reds and pinks
purples and blues
black and white
greens and yellows and oranges
i hate colours
all colours

what do you do on a Saturday or Friday night or day

sit on the couch and eat trash while watching tv
well hang out with my friends
party with friends or family
depends really i would probley do anything

what do you look for in a guy/girl

tall , green eyes , funny , party animal
a person who likes me for who i am not for who i pretend to be
someone who dosent take me for grantage
i just want a boyfriend/girlfriend
anything i dont really care

will you coment or like this quiz

of course i will this was a fun quiz
i dont know
no im bored