Which console is right for you?

Which console is right for you?

Find the next generation console that's best for YOU

published on July 22, 201048 responses 21 4.2★ / 5

Do you want your console to be able to play Blu-Ray discs?

Yes, of course
Nope, watching DVD movies is just enough
I want just play games! Don't care about anything else

Do you have a limited budged?

Yes, the cheaper, the best for me!
Not really, but ...

Do you want High Definition graphics?

Yes, the best console graphics
Yes, but ... I don't care so much
I don't even have a HD TV set

What kind of games do you like?

Simple and fun
First Person Shooters, Teenage Games
First Person Shooters mostly

Are you a fan of motion-sensing controllers?

Yes, definitely
It will be nice to have
I don't need something like that

What about web browsing?

I would like having a web browser pre-installed
I would buy a web browser if possible
I am not interested in such thing