What t.v. show are you?

What t.v. show are you?

There are many t.v. shows, but there is one particular one for you. Then you get to see what it shows.

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Do you usually get A- or more in all of your classes.

If I put my mind to it I could
I do well but not that well

How are you at board games?

I'm okay but after a while I get bored and need to move around
I think up a strategic way to conquer my opponent
I'm really good if is Trivial Pursuit or stuff like that

What do you like about qfeast

It is a place where I can express myself
It is a place where I can learn new things
It is a place where I can see more about myself
all of the above

Would you rather read, write or talk?


Do dance, do sports or learn?


Which show would you rather be on?

So you think you can dance
Are you smarter than a fifth grader