how well do you know the hunger games?!

how well do you know the hunger games?!

this test is just on the first book kk? so take it so that you will be readdy for the movie

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what tried to kill them at the end of the book

mutant dogs
evil mutts that are made from the losers eyes gross
i will guess each other
will with one winner the other people
a dissed

who is peeta?

what petta what is that
the tribute of district 12
a guy picked
katniss is his love interest in the arena and he is from district12 just like her
a guy that loved her since she was little and was so excited for her to be in the arena to

who is prim

prim is katniss's little sister
a flower
prim is katniss's little sister who loves her vary much
ketniss saved her life when she took the spot in the games and that she is her little sister
a little sister

what forces peeta to have his leg chop off

idk i think someone tried to kill him
what is peeta and why is his leg gone?
well cato tried to kill him so he had a cut in his leg
well thanks for spoiling it
well,cato tried to kill him so he had a cut in his leg so now he has a new leg

who is first in district 12 to go in the arena (hint girls)

prim but katniss goes in for her
katniss but prim was supposed to
katniss well prim but katniss went in first

what is the rule change in the meddle of the book

idk not that far yet
oh i just read this its where your whole district can win
um all must die?
the two people in your district can win
well they can all win in the district but they have to share the prize