Your Mario Personality

Your Mario Personality

Which Super Mario character are you most like? Find out in this personality quiz!

published on March 17, 201240 responses 9
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Bowser is in jail, you've just heard! What do you do?

YESS!!!! Now we can start the Toad Fighting Force!
Yah-a-hoo!!! *Rejoice with Peach*
Yes! No more being scared of Bowser! *Goes to suck thumb in room relieved*
OMG!! No more being captured! *Hugs hero*
Eggs for rejoicing dinner! (Me: DUDE STOP WITH THE EGGS)

It's Wednesday and today is Vacay Day. Bowser and the Mushroom Kingdom have signed an ally to not fight on this day. You react:

Yes! I will not get stolen today! Time to eat shortcakes!
Who wants scrambled eggs? (Me: Okay seriously, the egg thing is getting really lame.)
Keep a lookout. Bowser will break the ally, I just know it.
Mario's keeping lookout? *Scoots over to Mario* I'll help Mario in case Goombas take over.
Don't look out the window all day but every once in a while, having secretive meetings with the other Toads.

There is a question block hovering above your head. You:

Hit it, and get a mushroom. I've always wanted to be taller!
Every block has an advantage! I will defeat Bowser! *Thinking* Okay on seacond thought, maybe I'll just wipe out the Koopas and Goombas.
Bowser meet the wrath of ice flower!
Stare at it. I think pink is the right dress color for me. Orange is too flashy and I don't like blue.
Thanks, but my eggs are fine. (Me: no offense but you're kinda being a showoff with the eggs.)

You overhear Bowser's plan to bomb Peach Castle while everyone is in bed. You react:

(BOING!) Get the eggs! I'll ward them off with these projectiles!
Red Toad! Green Toad! We must aid Mario!
Let's a-do this!
Let's a-go!

The Koopas have taken Mario away! What do you do?

Don't worry Mario! I'm coming! (Grabs a couple Bob-ombs)
Uh... Oh! I'm the hero for once! I'll save Mario myself! Now, how not to get hurt....
Grr.... you'll never win, Bowser!
(BLAH!) How d'ya like scrambled eggs, Bowser! I'll help you by overthrowing Koopas with my projectiles!
Oh, the irony. Well, I'll have a tea party until Mario gets back.