Which Character From Sherlock Are You?

Which Character From Sherlock Are You?

Try to find out who you are from Sherlock, the BBC series. It'll be tough to find out who you might be though.

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Hi!! How are you?!

Hello Dear~
Hello there.
Go away
This is a crime scene you can't be here.
Gay. What, oh sorry, hey... *goes back to investigating*

How would you spend an afternoon?

Relaxing, hopefully
Oh you knowww, wearing a crown, ruling the world with simple lines of computer code.
Ah, assisting the British Secret Service
Waiting for a good murder to keep me entertained...
Drinking tea sounds pleasant.
Working probably...

Oh noeesssss a murder happennned.... what do you dooo???

Phone Sherlock
Phone Sherlock.
Phone Sherlock..
Oh dear.... stay home I suppose
Hee hee, Whatever did I do this time??
Is it interesting...? (Me: Extremely so...) I'M ON THE CASE
Keep Sherlock away from the scene. I don't want it contaminated.

The Murder victim IS DEAD!!! NOOO!!!

.... Honestly? A rather obvious deduction, but I hoped you'd go deeper into the evidence...
Well... obviously, you said MURDER
Ugh, legwork....
Oh okayyyyy....
Oh dearie... that's sad.
..... whatever.

Favourite Movie Genre?

Comedic Action
Some sort of comedy...?
Oooh, anything gory and bloodyyy....
Something that isn't boring
My soaps are enough for me, dear.

Who do you fancy?

No one
Stop lying Anderson. Everyone knows you have the hots for Sgt. Donovan
Come on Anderson, even I knew that.
It's pretty obvious who I fancy... *looks at Sherlock*
Stay away from my little brother, Moriarty
And my best friend.
John, I'm flattered...


Sorry dear.
You're boring
As you wish
I wasn't- (Me: Yes you were.) May I go home now? (Me: If you do, I send Moriarty with you)
Ooooo~ Will Sherlock Be there??? (Me: No.) Aw, fine.
Sorry bout that.

Okay... Bye~ Catch you all... later~

No you won't~!
Huh? Oh bye. Can I follow you home? I'm bored. (Me: >///< O-Of course.)
Bye mysterious voice that I think is Harry
Bye dear
Get the bloody hell out of here!