who are you really?

who are you really?

a quiz that can tell who you really are, and how you are feeling. it is a good quiz

published on March 13, 201290 responses 21 4.3★ / 5

your friend is freaking out over a test, what do you do

reasure her and help her revise and then watch a movie to take her mind off of it
make up a song to help her remember.
take her shopping so she wont think about it

you are having a sleepover what is the theme?

a movie marathon with gossip and spookey stories
a talent show or making up routines and songs
a fashon show with loads and loads of clothes to choose from

what is your idea of a fun day/night out

a picnic in the park
a concert
a fashion show

what shape do you prefere?


what is your usual style of outfit?

bling or bright colours
the latest fashon trend

what is your fave subject at school