What type of nerd are you?

What type of nerd are you?

There are lots of types of nerds...find out which one you are!!Only for nerds...or for other people,if they want to do it!

published on March 10, 2012183 responses 34
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People think that you are...

Crazy about life in other planets
Spending too much time at the library
A high tech guru
An awkward person
Looking good in your superhero costume

Choose the one that you are used to do/like

All kinds of technology
Going to comic books conventions
Beeing bullied
Reading groups
Outerspace conventions

If you could do/be one thing,what would it be?

Be a famous writter or a librarian
Have loads of friends
Be a superhero or a comics writter
Speak to aliens
Sell computers or create a famous computer programme

Which of these things do you prefer?

High Tech
Spending time on your own

Your friends think that you are...

I actually don't have friends
A genius when it comes to technology
The person who knows about aliens
The person who masters comics
A person who knows a lot about books