whats your summer dress?

what will u rock this summer? best of luck! hope you enjoy my quiz! thx!

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whats your summer dress?
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whats youre favorite ice cream flavor?

C)i dont know!
D)plain chocolate

at another friends birthday u and youre best friend want the last piece of cake what do u do?

A)let her/him have it.
B)challenge each other to a bet who ever wins get the cake
C)split it in half
D)twist her mind so she'll have 2 give it to me
E)be honest and say u really really want it plz!

who is your favorite in the hunger games?

A)Rue shes so truful!
B)peeta he's so compassionate!
C)katniss she super risky!
D)prim shes so mature!
E)foxface shes sly....

some one is being bullied what do u do?

A)call 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B)load up my friends and tell them off
C)tell the bully 2 knock it off!
D)proposterous! what is going on?
E)tell a near by teacher

your mom got u new shoes that u dislike what do u tell her?

A)tell her that the shoes are fine
B)throw them in the trash
c) tell i her straight out
d)well its speldid! but may i have something else?
E)ask her 4 money instead