Vampire Diaries Personality Quiz

Vampire Diaries Personality Quiz

Which character from The Vampire Diaries are you? Find out here!:) theCW hit tv series comes on Thursday nights at 8EST

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The person you love is with someone else and they seem happy. What do you do?

Nothing. They had their chance to be with me
and it's their loss. I can do better anyway.
Continue to be their friend.
Start a fight with the one they're with. They don't deserve the one you love and they need to pay for it.
There's not much you can do. They're with somebody else and though you'd rather that not be the case, it is so you need to move on.
Make life miserable on both of them.
Be happy for them and support them. Even though it's not you they're with, they are with someone they love and that makes you happy.
Try going out with other people and see if it makes them jealous.

It's 9:00pm on a Friday night. Where are you?

Hanging out with a few people smoking and drinking.
Grading papers, then off to the bar.
At home drinking by myself while thinking about all the bad in my life.
At home cooking and watching tv.
In bed. Not much to do.
Up to trouble.
Thinking of ways to keep everyone around me safe.

You're running away from a bear in the woods. You have one friend running by your side. What do you do?

Push your friend down and continue to run. Better you make it than them.
Make sure you both make it out alive.
Run faster than your friend. Every man for themselves!
Tell your friend to keep running. You stop and sacrifice yourself so your friend can live.
Draw the bear away from your friend, but continue to run the opposite direction.
Duh! Fight!
Don't worry about your friend. Just make sure you make it out alive.
Panic and cry.
You always have a weapon with you. Use the weapon and run.

If you don't exchange yourself for someone you love, they die. What will you do?

Let them die.
Try to make other arrangements.
Try to find another way around it to save both of you.
Turn yourself in.
Go in fighting. The only people dying are the ones who took the one you love. ...hopefully.
Go there ready to turn yourself in, but end up finding a way to save both of you.
Find something they want more.
Take someone they love and exchange them instead.

How many friends/loved ones do you have?

Having friends makes you weak.
I like to think I have a lot, but I'm really not sure.
Only a couple. The rest were only using me.
I just moved here, so...only a few.
I consider my family members my friends.
I'm a bit of a loner, but I like the small number of friends I do have.
My friends are my sibling, my spouse, and my spouses friends.
Two best friends and a good number of other friends.
Mr./Ms. Popular right here!

How's life?

Life is amazing!
Got complicated when good things happened. Weird, right?
I've lost too many people.
Difficult with my family gone.
I've changed a lot, but for the better.
Horrible. But I have good friends.

What's your favorite phrase? (you say a lot)

I love you.
I hate you.
You don't understand.
I'm sorry.
We need to hangout!
It's your fault.

When you cry, why are you crying?

I've been called shallow.
I lost someone again.
I've made their life bad.
I broke up with someone.
They don't think I love them.
No one really loves me and it's my fault.
They can't be with me and that's all I wanted in life.

Hot guy/girl in swim suit. What do you do?

Exchange looks from a distance, but never confront.
Already with someone.
Not looking for love.
Talk about the person with your friends.
Only smile.
See they're attractive and it doesn't hurt to look, but you're with someone already.
Make your date jealous by having a casual conversation with the person.
Make a move.
Wait for them to come to you. You're not interested unless they come to you first.

Homework time...

I don't go to school.
Finished that already.
I assigned it so...
Do it. It only takes a little time.
I have a special way of finishing it in seconds.
I'm not doing it, but I won't get marked down for it.
We had homework? I forgot.
Skipped that class.
I think I'll party instead.