What type of fantasy creature are you?

What type of fantasy creature are you?

When seeking what you want most, you find find things that you had never thought to believe in...

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You was minding your own business when you came across a couple standing next to a river, they see you and you...

turn then to stone as they hold each other
simply walk into the water, encouraging then to join you
watch them cautiously then turn and go away
prance around then until they smile then leave
walk a little closer, bow your head, and run away

What color is/are your eyes an hair?

hair-black, eyes-brown/green
?hair?...blue/brown, eye-green/blue
?hair? red, eyes-golden
hair-white/purple eyes-dark
hair-white/golden eyes-golden

what do you like to eat?

flowers, fruits
chestnuts (nuts)
seeds, honey...
fish! clams, shrimp...
PEOPLE!..haha, fruits and meats

Color question! ^^
what is your favorite color, or the color that you prefer.

swamp green
crystal blue
flashing red
pure white
glowing golden

Did you like my quiz?

could have been better
it was sweet
it was fun
well done

What is your favorite time of day?

mid-afternoon, when the sun is bright in the sky
later-afternoon, when its quieter and peaceful
morning, when i can see the blazing sun
twilight, when the moon and stars sparkle so brightly onto the water
dusk, when its usually mist or somewhat dark

What do you like to do on your free time?

Run through the trees chasing butterflies
Fly through the clouds racing the wind
Sitting next to a camp fire watching the colors the sparks make
Swimming in the deep oceans, playing with the colorful fish
staying home, reading a book or watching the rain