Are You 'Boring' or 'Fun'

Are You 'Boring' or 'Fun'

Here's a little test to see if your boring or fun. Reminder no one is completely boring or fun. This id just a quiz. Please answer truthfully!

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When you walk through the woods, trees suddenly fall in your path, what do you do?

Walk around it.
Climb across it.

You get sucked into a person's head, what do you do?

Bounce around!
Control the person!

When you are in your house, the earth beneath you cracks into a large cliff with lava in it! What do you do?

Look at the lava them run for your life!
Sceam and run for your life

You walk down a hallway, and the walls are closing in! What do you do???

Climb into the air vent above.
Scream and cry for help.

Do you like candy?