what type of person are you?

are you quiet, popular, annoying or mean? find out here. very accurate results.

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what type of person are you?
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you find someones diary. what do you do?

you look in it. just to see who it belonged to. you try and
find them.
you read through all of it and then tell some people some
of the secrets and funny stories.
hand it in to the lost property office. whoever it belongs
to probably wants it back.
leave it where it is. you don't want to get involved or be
accused of anything, but you do tell someone else that it
is there.

some really annoying people won't leave you alone. what do you do?

tell them to bog off. they are getting in the way of
ask them if maybe they could knave you alone for a while.
you want some peace and quiet.
ask them to go away, but nicely. tell them that someone
else was looking for them.
do nothing. they have to leave sooner or later. you'd
prefer it to be sooner, but you can wait.

If you saw someone you really didn't like was hurt, what would you do?

Walk away and pretend i didn't see. i don't like them,
someone else can deal with it.
Go and help anyway. they look like they are in a lot of
Laugh at them. it is what they would do to you.
tell someone else and let them deal with it. you don't
want to get involved.

There is a very big, dangerous obstacle course that you have been asked to do. you don't get any help or protection. what do you do?

Do it anyway! who cares that its dangerous? it will be so
much fun.
leave this one out. who wants to risk anything?
Point to someone you don't like and say "they will do it!"
give it a go. go with a group of friends and ask to stop it
it gets bad.

you see one of your friends cheating on a test. what do you do?

tell on them. you didn't really like them anyway.
talk to them quietly at the end. they need to know its
do nothing. its none of your business and you have got to
finish the test.
stand up and announce to everyone that they are