What do the Harry Potter Characters Think of you?

What do the Harry Potter Characters Think of you?

Take this fun quiz to see what the people from Harry Potter would think of you!

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The meanest kid in the school asks you to dance, What do you do?

Say ''lose some weight and maybe I will,
Say ''yes my loveley!''
''No way you're way too mean'' You say
Run away

Whats your favorite color combination?

Scarlet and gold
Bronze and blue
Green and silver
Yellow and Black

Are you brave? Tell the truth!

Yes... I guess
I think I am because I am the best in the
world (P.S this is not true, you are just
full of yourself)

I am:

Brave and adventerous
Fun and jumpy
Quiet and bored
Evil and mean

My favorite way to spend my day is:

Making up plans to help people.
Making up plans to be mean to people and
bully little kids.
Waiting around for the next lesson in the
sun eating candy
Playing quidditch

If you were to draw a picture, what would it be of?

Someone saving the world... Or maybe a lion.
A bowl of fruit....Or a badger
A frog in a pond....... Or an eagle chasing
a seagul..
A person killing someone........ Or a snake

Last question! Did you like this quiz?

Well,it was OK
Yeah sure.
No I think it was dreadful!