what is my favorite movie like?

what is my favorite movie like?

i cant tell you if you don't know what my favorite movie {hint it is the subject of a different quiz of mine}

published on February 28, 201236 responses 11 2.0★ / 5

does it have romance?

way ya!
no gross

when does it take place?

in the future
past way past!

who many heroes are there?

one to save the day
more then that so they can save together

is there a butt-kicking girl

ya so cool
so in distress

half way there! is there a princess with out a prince?

no that is impossible!
well there is a possibly

is there blood

oh ya haha
no what kind a question is this!

are there animals in this

no way only blood
yes of course!

is there a wedding


is there a kiss or kissing

eww gross
oh ya a lot

the end!

finally why did i take this