What District would you be in?

What District would you be in?

I wanted to do something on the Hunger Games so I did the districts. It was really all I could think of.

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If you enter a contest by force you would feel or say...

Don't care. You'll lose anyway
I will win and no one will stop me!
[sigh] Not this
I will use my knowledge and do my best.
He He this will be easy
I am to powerful to lose
I am too fast they'll never catch me
I know about the land
Therefore I will never lose
I know how t blend
no one will ver see me
Keep your hopes up
I know about the food
I will never go hungry

You would like the weather to be...

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Whatever chalenges me
I don't care I will be inside anyway
Spring weather
My eyes will be glued to the computer so as long as it does'nt storm
Rain it lets the plants grow
Cool so I won't sweat
Nothing that will get in the way

If some one was getting unfairly acused of cheating what would you do?

Stand up
they need help
You wish you could help but you just can't
Talk peace and settle the fight
Give them a look of sympathy
You feel bad for them so you get them a gift
Stand at their side but do'nt say anything
Run! you do'nt want any part!
Force the weak one to go away
Give them both something to chew on so they stop talking
Tell them reason
Go on the powerful ones side
Go with whoever's pretty

What color are your eyes?

Dark blue
Brown almost black
Amber brown
Bright blue
Dark green
Light almost white blue
Light brown
Greenish blue
Blue with specks of other colors

You would rather eat...

Wild meat
Herbs spices and fruit
Cow and pig meat
Fancy things
Pretty food
New foods
It's reasonable to eat what you need
Whatever is big
Eat healthy