legend of the seeker

legend of the seeker

what legend of the seeker character are you, will you be the hero or the one to spoil every ones day, or will you be an innosent child that has nothing to do with it

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what is your favorate colour


if you was locked in a tomb and you had no way out you will...

confess to your friend how much they mean to you, and when its all over you excuse your self.
bomb the tomb down
follow the leader
seek a way out
use your abilities to get out

what is your hobby

hangin around outside in woods or parks
finding facts and seeking truth
teach people and give them new skills
hurt or bully people
do what ever you want without asking the leader for permission(oh forgot, I am one)

who is your favorate character

all of them apart from the keeper and darken rahl
richard, kahlan and zedd because they gave you a family
darken rahl, and the keeper
kahlan, and zedd because he reminds me of my grandpa

if your reletive was killed by a sertain person you will...

kill them with no mercey
torture them
have justice
seek the truth and may be revange
revange, just revange