Which 2011 pullip are you?

Which 2011 pullip are you?

Are you the tricky party girl Ludmila? How about the creepy yet beautiful Banshee? Maybe even the sweet and girly romantic Alice? How about the beautiful Super Villan Catwoman? Take this quiz to find out!

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What color are your eyes?

Bright Aqua Blue!
Warm Brown :)
Purple, different, like me!
Very dark brown, but you can't see them behind my goggles,

What does your hair look like?

Dark and short, so it doesn't get in my way.
Very light with bangs and crimps!
Bright red! To attract attention!
Mixes of different pretty, pale colors!
Very long and dark with different shades.

What's your style?

Dark and creative things. Almost gothic.
My disguise of course, with lots of leather!
Many bright colored, costume-like stuff!
Funky and dramatic party dresses!
Lots and lots and lots of pretty frills, very girly :3

Favorite Holiday?

Halloween! Creepy and fun!
New Years! Lots of partying!
Hmm... Valentine's Day! Awwww, the romance!
I have no time for holidays. I'm to busy doing more important things.
None. I just take life as it comes.

What's your fave month?


Your ideal man?

We'll be so in love, like in the movies, ahhhhh<3333
Dark and cool, like me.
Relashionships? No time. And they aren't important.
I like to party with new people all the time ;)
Someone to get into trouble with!


Goggles, mask, whip!
Pom-poms and a top hat.
Bright feathers!
Knee socks, witch hat and a stuffie!

Favorite animal?

A party animal ;)
Any kind of fantasy creatures.
Anything cute and cuddly!
Creepy things that lurk in the shadows...hehehe!

Favorite color?

Black and deep, dramtic shades.
Bright Red!
Blue or pink!
Purple and orange!
The color of shadows.

Which trait fits you best?