harry potter personality quiz

harry potter personality quiz

who might you be like in the wizarding world of harry potter, and will you save the world or attemp to destroy it

published on February 26, 2012142 responses 22 4.3★ / 5
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what was the dumbest thing you have ever done

nothing, ofcorse
showed off
every thing
chatted behined my best friends back to my friend and them disagreeing with you.

what is your favorate food

i dunno
i have no time to choose
i love everything
who cares, its like your about to feed me

what do you do in spare time

hang out with friends
what is your business
read or sit in the library
bully people

what is your favourate lesson at hogwarts

all of them are super cool
defence againts the dark arts
none of them
i realy hate potions, i like charms realy

your friend is stuck on the other side of the cave, he tells you to move on, what do you do

leave him and move on
think of a strategy to get them out
run and hide
leave them and wander off some where
leave them in the cave and get out
paralize in fear

who do you like most out of harry potter

luna lovegood
draco malfoy

what will be your pet at hogwarts

a toad
an owl
a rat
a cat

your friends reletive is in danger, what do you do

chicken out in fear
try to help but epicaly fail
leave them to die
try your best to help
cheer their death on
make up a strategy to save them
just go in and save them