What creative job should you have when you grow up?

What creative job should you have when you grow up?

There are many creative jobs in the world. Which one would best fit you?

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Where would you most like to go on vacation?

The Amazon Rainforest
The Alps

What is your favorite store?

A store where you can buy electronics like RadioShack or Staples
Stores like PartyCity, Celebrate Express, and Oriental Trading
A store where you can buy stationary and pens like Hallmark and Staples
The Kitchen Collection

Your favorite part of the school day is:

Social Studies
Language Arts

What would you most likely do to remind yourself of a memory?

Read a past journal entry
Look at past greeting cards that people have sent you
Look through your photo album
Look through old notes that you took when planning your birthday party.

Your friend wants advice on what theme her birthday party should be. What is your advice?

A party where everybody brings an ingredient and then you make some goodies
A party at the park
A poetry slam
you pull out a big long list of ideas

Your favorite part about Christmas is...

the food
the wintery scenes
the funny things that happen
the parties

Your friends say you are......


What is your favorite animal out of the following?


What do you do at recess?

Eat the last part of your lunch
Snap pics of you and your friends
Make up stories with your friends
Entertain your friends by singing